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The Grooming Salon

At Snoopies we believe that your pet deserves the best, which is why we have created a secure, Air Conditioned environment, that ensures your pet is as comfortable as possible.


A safe, healthy Salon was at the forefront of the design process. Built in kennels are used to ensure complete segregation and are fully tiled, to enable thorough cleaning, making sure that ALL diseases are kept at bay.

The flooring throughout is non slip and sealed around the edges.
The Grooming Salon is spacious and offers comfortable facilities for you and your pet.


Animals are NOT allowed to roam free and mix with others.

Should you choose to stay with your pet, there are toilet facilities, a pleasant waiting area to sit and read a magazine, or you can browse around our well stocked shop.

Outside is a dog toileting area, which we encourage dogs to use prior to entering the Salon.

The salon is open plan and you are welcome to watch your pet throughout its pampering, ideal for a nervous animal (or owner!) and is designed to cater for dog breeds of all sizes.

We use all the latest equipment, including electric Grooming tables to ensure a stress free visit, particularly for the larger breeds.

At the back end of 2015, we installed the latest Hydrobath, which gives your dog a therapeutic, deep clean bathing experience.

We NEVER use cabinet dryers.

We always use the very best quality shampoos, specifically designed for use on animals. Our wide selection ensures we will have a quality shampoo suitable for your pet's skin & coat type. We never use any shampoos or detergents that are not produced for animal use.

On your first visit we always discuss and record fully your requirements along with any health or behavioural issues your animal may have; This assures your pet's welfare and the welfare of our staff, whilst at the same time ensuring we obtain the end result you are looking for.

The Grooming Salon

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